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I’m currently serving as Executive Professor of Higher Education and a faculty fellow at the Center for Innovation in Learning Design (CILD) at the School of Education at the College of William and Mary.  I spent 2018-19 as Executive Professor in Residence at Swem Library, and this year I’m coordinating the University Teaching and Learning Project as part of the the expansion of William & Mary’s Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation. As I finish up my 22nd year at William & Mary, I’m focusing a fair amount of time in wrapping up loose ends.

This site has been around for a while and has gone through more lives than the any cat. As I move toward retirement, I still have a fair number of academic interests and areas that I want to explore.

  • How will society respond to the new realtiy where hundreds of thousands of citizens live into their 90’s–elatively healthy, financially secure, and professionally accomplished. What are the implications this new Life/Career Map for individuals, communities and for our species?
  • How do we help individuals and organizations continue to use the exponential growth of technology as a force for the public good? I’m interested in the impact of machine learning and Artifical Intelligence on multiple areas of American society. I’m particularly intersted in how individuals and organizations make decisions about lifelong learning, “re-skilling” and career development.
  • What have I learned about learning during my 35 years in higher education that might be helpful to other college teachers and higher-education researchers?
  • How do individuals become more comfortable and creative using computer technology to increase their productivity?

A Little About My Educational Background

I jointed the School of Education faculty full-time after 15 years as a senior technology manager at William and Mary and 14 years as Director of the Career Center at Hamilton College.  I completed an AB degree at Hamilton and my MS and EdD degrees at Syracuse University – staying way longer in the snow belt of upstate New York than any rational person should have.  After finishing my doctorate at SU, I taught in graduate programs in Adult Education at Syracuse University and Elmira College.

At this stage in my life, I’m also learning more than I want to about topics such as osteoarthritis, atrial fibrillation and dealing with the aftermath of total knee replacement.  Janna and I spend our summers at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York where a number of other old timers gather for good music, good conversation and, hopefully, a little less humidity than we have in Virginia during the summer.