Lifelong Learning

Almost every college or university mission statement contains some rhetoric about helping students to prepare for lifelong learning. Unfortunately, those same universities don’t provide much detail about how they actually accomplish that goal.

There’s at least some evidence that many students don’t pick up many skills in how to actually conduct that kind of self-directed lifelong learning than they would have otherwise. This section of the site is designed as a place to collect materials and thoughts focused on three interrelated topics.

Some of the questions, I’m going to address in the coming months.

  • What are we doing at William and Mary to foster an institution-wide culture of lifelong learning?
  • What things are we doing at William and Mary to foster and strengthen our commitmen to enhancing students to participate more fully in their own learning.
  • Learning How to Learn

The Chautauqua Institution

For me the epitome of a self-directed learning community is the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York. (Map shot).