I’m currently teaching courses in Data-Driven Decision-Making, Action Research, Educational Planning, Adult Education, and Emerging Technology. My courses intersect with my research interests on understanding advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, deep learning and the “Internet of Things” and how those technologies will impact the workplace and educational institutions of the next generation. As part of that research, I work with individual practitioners and groups to develop self-directed career and lifework designs that respond to dramatic technological and societal change.

One of the major purposes of this site is to provide a virtual notebook where I can stick ideas that we try in our classes so that someone might be able to find them and make some use of them. There are at least two audiences that I would have in mind: current students who are interested in learning more about the background of the courses that they are taking, and other facilitators who are exploring some tools and techniques for helping students become more self-directed in their learning. Over the years, I’ve tried multiple versions of this kind of public notebook, and over the course of the year, I’ll try to bring some of those efforts to share on this site.